Sharing Charlie Brown

Watching the Charlie Brown holiday specials is a long tradition for many families. My daughter has seen these specials a few times. I’ve watched it a few hundred times over the years. Tonight, we continued a tradition we began last year. We curled up together and watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. That time is more precious than gold. May you all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!


I realized today that Thanksgiving is two weeks from tomorrow. I’ve been so wrapped up in my life for the last few weeks, I haven’t had time to consider it. I’m easily frustrated and I’m very expressive. This means that when I’m not happy people know it. I want to take this opportunity to share the things that make happy.

My family – I love my family, immediate and extended. I make them crazy. They make me crazy. Without them, I would be bored and boring. They share their humor and their love with me. We share a common oddity that makes me feel welcome.

My friends – My friends have been there for me when I needed them. I hope I have done the same for them. I know some pretty amazing people with skills that cover a pretty wide knowledge base. They are also the most accepting and supportive people I could ever hope to meet.

All the silly, piddly things in my life – I am easily amused. If something small tickles my fancy, I let it make my day. This has never diminished the big things. It just gives me something to smile about when nothing major is going on. I am thankful for Silly Putty, Slinkies, Foamy the Squirrel (FYI – Foamy is NSFW and mildly offensive. He may be animated, but he’s not for children.), Doctor Who, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, stress balls shaped like a toilet bowl (Our office cleaning staff left these on our desks months ago. Mine has given me bliss and giggles.), anything that strikes my fancy at any given moment. My daily moments of bliss keep me sane. If they make someone laugh at me, at least I’m sharing the wealth.

What are you thankful for? Please share it in the comments!

We survived the move!

The last few weeks have been truly chaotic in my house. A simple move from one town to a town only 25 miles away has been akin to moving a mountain. I was raised in a Navy family. That meant fairly regular moves. It is only now that I can appreciate what my parents went through.

The last time we moved was 8 years ago. My daughter was only 3 weeks old. We moved a lot of baby stuff and set up a nursery. In hindsight, that was child’s play. She didn’t care where we lived and went wherever we took her without argument.

I knew that moving a young person would be tough, but had no idea what was in store. Getting her enrolled in school felt like it would require an act of Congress. I know we completed paperwork when she first went to Kindergarten, but it was fairly minimal. The sheer volume of paperwork involved to prove residency and allow the two districts to transfer records was mind boggling.

The IEP (individualized education plan) only added an additional wrinkle to the process. Asperger’s children require a large support staff to make school work for them. I am very grateful to her support teams old and new. The staff at her old school were so helpful in easing Zsuzsa’s transition. The new staff has been super welcoming and friendly. Without those people, I don’t think we would have made it through.

After we got the school stuff squared away, we had to deal with the physical move. It’s amazing how much stuff 3 people can amass in 8 years. So many, many, many things to clean and box up just so they can be taken back out of the box at the new location. There were days I wished we could just leave it all behind and buy all new stuff. Unfortunately, that was not an option.

All in all, we got through the move with minimal pain. We’re all adjusting to our new home and we are together. Plus, we got to go trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood and I finished Zsuzsa’s costume with a few hours to spare. She got to be Merida as planned.

Another successful Halloween!

Now that we’re settled, you can expect regular posts again. Keep your eyes peeled for new giveaways and reviews coming your way!