SensatioNail by Nailene Starter Kit

I love having painted nails, but I hate chipped polish.  I work on a computer all day so it’s tough to keep my nails looking good.  I’ve wanted to try gel polish for a while, but I kept putting it off.  Finally, I decided it was time to give it a try.


I invested in the SensatioNail by Nailene Starter Kit after looking at several different brands.  I went with this kit because it includes the UV lamp and everything else necessary to do the manicure.  So far, I am happy with the results.  The color is rich.  The polish has no smell.  The gel hardened and dried as described.

I’ve used the kit 3 times now.  Application has gotten easier each time.  The box indicates that the manicure will last up to 2 weeks.  I’ve found that it lasts 7-10 days without an issue.  The instructions are clear to avoid the getting the polish on your skin and cuticles.  I wasn’t able to avoid that the first two times I used the kit so that may have contributed to the chipping and lifting at the edges of the nails.

Removing the polish is fairly easy.  It takes longer than plain polish.  Instructions are provided with the kit.  Nailene also sells kits to make removal easier.  I haven’t tried the kits yet, but may do so in the future.  All in all, I am very satisfied with the results and the value I get doing this at home rather than at a salon.

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I did not receive any compensation for this post from the manufacturer or the retailer. I purchased the product. All opinions expressed are my own.