Fall Grilling

I bought my Kingsford charcoal grill in March. It was a $40 clearance impulse buy. I’d wanted a grill for years, but never purchased one due to the cost. Finding such a great deals was a clincher for me. I have zero buyer’s remorse on this one.

Those steaks at the top of this post are the very first thing I ever grilled for myself. Since then, I’ve grilled kilbasa, chicken, burgers, artichoke, and other tasty treats. They’ve all been pretty successful. Zsuzsa loves it so much, she requests grilled meat and is highly disappointed when we can’t grill.

Now it’s October and grilling season is rapidly coming to an end, but I’m not ready to give it up. It may be dark, but the food is worth it. It seems to me that fall offers me an all new palette to choose from if I want to get daring. Apples and pumpkin are two fall foods that have me intrigued. Can these be cooked on the grill? My gut instinct is yes.

If you are a fall grill fan, what do you cook? Do you change with the seasons? I’m looking for suggestions!