Earthquake? Yup.

Maine is not exactly the center of earthquake activity. I’ve lived here for 26 years and I’ve felt a total of 3. The first 2 were nothing. In both cases, I had to ask other people if they felt something because I thought I was suffering vertigo. Today was different. We ranked a whole 4.0 on the Richter Scale.

My Facebook feed exploded with friends, family, and co-workers exclaiming, “Earthquake! Did you feel it?” I include myself in this grand explosion of status updates. We’re not used to it and we’re excited.┬áIf you’re from California or some other state where earthquakes are a daily life event, you’re probably wondering why we care so much.

Thinking about how the earthquake elite must be laughing, I was a bit embarrassed. Then I remembered the last time it snowed in Georgia. A few inches of snow shut them down for days. Not hours. Not a day. DAYS! We of the falling temperatures and rising snow banks laughed and laughed. We took photos of our snow banks and said things like, “Hah! You should try a Maine winter and see what real snow looks like. We don’t even shovel it if there’s less than 3 inches!” (That last part is, sadly, true. I refused to shovel snow last winter unless we had at least 3 inches. I didn’t see the point.) With that in mind, I am far less humiliated by my giddy response to the unbalanced washing machine noises and shaking building.

This was my semi-weekly reminder that it’s all about perspective. So, please take some joy from my earthquake giddiness. It will make me feel less guilty when I get a kick out of your response to snow this winter.