Scars R Sexy

I was diagnosed with depression in college. By that point, I had been living with depression symptoms for around 5 years. I was never suicidal, but there were times I didn’t want to live anymore. My junior year of high school was a blur of sleepless nights and hard days. Things were better some years and worse others. Eventually, my symptoms were too severe to ignore. I went to my doctor and started treatment. I’ve been off and on medication for depression ever since. Now, I’m a happy person with a husband and daughter I love more than I ever thought possible.

Do I still have bad days? Yes. Am I stronger now than when I was younger? Definitely. Depression is a medical condition. It is an aspect of my life, but it is not who I am. It does not define what I do or what I can accomplish. This is my scar.

Rockscar Love and the Live Wright Society have partnered to create Scars R Sexy. The goal is to share our scars and the people they have helped us become. They’ve created a video to get the message out. I hope you’ll give a view and consider sharing it!