Mia Bella Scented Candles

Scented candles are a wonderful luxury. I learned about Mia Bella candles a few years ago and I absolutely love them.

Many candles are made from paraffin, a petroleum based wax. Mia Bella candles are palm wax based, a natural wax from a renewable resource. These candles burn cleaner than any other candle I’ve ever used. As you can see in the photo of my candle below, with a well-trimmed wick, they produce very little soot. The glass in the jar is still soot free after hours of burning. Less soot in the jar means less soot on your walls.

Mia Bella Candle
There are tons of scents available. Whether you like fruity, floral, or earthy scents, there is something for you. I’m very picky about strong smells. It was nice to find a variety I enjoy.

The best thing about Mia Bella candles is the easy clean up. Anyone who regularly burns candles has had the accidental wax spill. The palm wax cleans up with warm soapy water.

For those of you who aren’t comfortable with having a lit candle in the house, Mia Bella also gives you the choice to use melts. These wax disks are designed to be melted in a warmer. You can even mix and match them. All of their scents are now available in the melts. This change has me super excited. I love some of their signature series candles, but I’m a frugal shopper and prefer to purchase their standard jar candles due to the cost difference. Now I can try those scents, too!
Mia Bella Melts┬áMia Bella candles are principally sold by independent distributors. Check out my Mia Bella rep at http://vinlandfragrances.com. Don’t forget to enter her drawing for a free candle!
Mia Bella Candle

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