I became an avid reader when I was a child. That hasn’t changed. Eight years ago I moved into my home. Between my husband and I, we had 19 boxes of books. We continued to buy books through the years. I was very resistant to the e-reader craze. I wanted the feel of the paper in my hands. Last Christmas I received a Kindle Touch. A whole new world opened up before me. Thousands of books with no storage issues. It’s a bibliophile’s dream.

My biggest disappointment of the e-book age is the cost of the books. I used to get my books on clearance at Borders for $1-$5 each. Paying $12-$15 for an e-book doesn’t appeal to me. There are some great deals out there for digital books, but finding them isn’t always easy. The prices change daily. That’s where eReaderIQ comes in.

This free website is fantastic. They offer 3 services: 1) Free Kindle Books – A selection of free books separated by genre, length, author, and other categories. 2) Kindle Price Drops – A searchable directory of books recently discounted. 3) Now on Kindle – A tracking service that will notify you when a book is added to the Kindle format.

You can search their site without registering, but my favorite part of the site is the subscription service. You provide them with your e-mail address and books you want to track, they will send you an automatic notice of the price change or availability.

I uploaded my wish list to eReaderIQ a few months ago and I don’t have to worry about missing a deal. For example, I added Rosemary’s Baby to my wish list last winter. Today I received an e-mail that the price has dropped from $7.99 to $0.99. I went to Amazon and ordered the book within minutes of the e-mail and I saved $7.00 with no extra effort on my part. Additionally, they don’t overload me with excessive e-mails. I get the notices I want without a bunch of unrelated e-mails for books I don’t want to read.

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