Old Navy Superhero Tees for Girls

My daughter is not limited by typical gender stereotypes when it comes to toys, clothing, or interests.  Her two favorite things are Tinkerbell and The Avengers.  Superheros have been a staple in her imagination since she created her alter ego, Super Zsuzsa, at age four.  When it comes to toys, books, and entertainment, this doesn’t present a significant problem.  However, when it comes to other things, we run into some challenges.

Clothing is a problem area.  We can find plenty of t-shirts in the boys section of the store, but finding superheros in the girls section is well-nigh impossible.  Zsuzsa is very, very thin.  Quite often, t-shirts cut for girls are more form fitting and look better on her.

For her birthday, Zsuzsa received two t-shirts from Old Navy.  The pink girls Marvel ‘I Heart Heroes’ tee shirt and a girls purple Batman logo shirt.  These two shirts were major hits with her.  Both shirts fit her torso length, but were slender enough to avoid the baggy look.  They are lightweight tees, but have survived the day to day goings on of an active child and seem no worse for wear.  After several washings, they are still true to size and color.

As you can see, she is thrilled with her new shirt.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate these particular shirts on the Old Navy website.  Fortunately, I have located several other superhero themed shirts that are currently available on their site.  After seeing how well the first two shirts fit her and how much she enjoys them, I have no worries recommending the newer shirts and hope to get one or two for Zsuzsa before the cold weather hits again.

Visit http://www.oldnavy.com for more information on available items.

I did not receive any compensation for this post from the manufacturer or the retailer.  The items reviewed were purchased by family members.  All opinions expressed are my own.