Moderating comments

I don’t post here often.  There’s no particular reason.  It just is.  I’m what I would call a WordPress novice.  I learned just enough to get the site up and running and that’s about it.  I was smart enough to require moderation of comments when I started because I know that spam bots target blog comment sections.  What I didn’t know then, and still don’t know now, is why.

Obviously, they must get enough hits through the links to make it worth their effort.  Do people really think to themselves, “I love this craft blog. Ooo, that sock monkey is adorable! I have to make one for myself. Lets look at the comments and see what other fans have said… This one used green yarn instead of brown and his results were great.  Male enhancements? Why, yes, I do want to please my wife more. Where do I sign up?”

I expected the spam comments.  I even expected to get more of them than real comments.  I’m just confused why the bots work.  If someone can shed some light on this, I would be a moderately happier person.